Sterowash - 500ml Eyewash Plate

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Sterowash - 500ml Eyewash Plate

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Once fixed to the wall in a place where people will see it, it ensures people know where to find it in an emergency and it could save somebody's sight.

The twist-off top makes Sterowash ready for use in seconds!

  • Sterowash is the 2-in-1 eye and wound wash that could save someone's sight
  • Highly visible eye and wound wash wall plate, for instant minor eye injuries
  • Holds two 500ml eyes and wound wash bottles
  • It also comes with its own shatterproof mirror and simple instructions for treating minor eye injuries

The newly designed station is made from strong lightweight plastic, with pre-drilled holes ready for fixing to a wall in an office, warehouse, factory or anywhere that eyewash may be needed.

The recess for the two bottles are moulded so precisely, that each bottle will stay in place on its own.

The addition of a mirror is provided for observation of the eye and enables an individual to use eyewash on their own if needed.

Once fixed on the wall where it'll be seen every day, it's there permanently in case of emergency

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