Calcium Gluconate Gel

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Calcium Gluconate Gel

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Water based gel used to treat hydrofluoric acid burns to the skin, reducing bone and deep tissue damage.

Water based gel containing calcium gluconate used  for treatment of skin burns caused by hydrofluoric acid

The calcium carbonate gel when combined with hydrofluoric acid, neutralises the fluoride ion. This has an immediate effect, instantly reducing burn damage to bone and deep tissue. Immediate application of the gel following a hydrofluoric acid burn, can greatly reduce the risk of cardiac arrest. 


  • Eases pain
  • Can be self-administered
  • 40g gel tube


This product is a must for all first aid kits in industrial chemistry, mining, refining, glass finishing, silicon chip manufacturing and sanitation organisations

Please note HF burns must have a full medical evaluation, even when treated with Calcium Gluconate Gel

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