6 Liter Foam Fire Extinguisher

6 Liter Foam Fire Extinguisher

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AFFF (Aqueous Film-Forming Foam) extinguishers are typically used on fires involving Class A (Solid Combustible) and Class B (Flammable Liquid) risks, as they quickly extinguish the flame and are effective in preventing re-ignition.

They are 94% – 97% water, with a foam additive and work on solid fires by wetting and cooling the lighting object. The foam discharge also forms a physical barrier to prevent oxygen from re-igniting the flame, which is what makes this extinguisher particularly effective on contained liquid fires.

The AFFF extinguisher is preferable to the Dry Powder types for use internally, as the subsequent clean-up required is far less and generally remains local to the fire, unlike the powder which can spread quite a distance and reduce visibility.

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