More about STAC

Seamus Sinnott STAC First Aid

Hi, I am Seamus, an Emergency Medical Technician (E.M.T.) and founder of Sinnott Training & Certification Ltd. (STAC)

Only 1 year after completing a degree in University of Limerick, while working in industry, I witnessed my manager suffer an accident, which led to an amputation. This was a real wakeup call, I knew then that the preparation the staff and I had received, had not prepared us. We did not react correctly. My skills needed improving.

Since then I have strived to improve my emergency response skills and those of others. This has lead to volunteering with the Army Medical Corp & Order of Malta Ireland, and many skills & qualifications in different aspects of emergency response being acquired.

STAC was formed with the goal of providing First Class training. Teaching the skills is not enough, we build confidence, confidence in people so they can react better than I did when first put in the situation mentioned above.

STAC focuses on preparing for the response to an incident, rather than prevention.  Prevention is very important with many providers helping with this. However, accidents & sudden illnesses still happen, and a well-prepared response can make a huge difference to those in need. Emergencies can often include more than one issue, e.g. a chemical burn is both a casualty and a chemical spill to be managed. Hence STAC have evolved over the years with more skills and more offerings to help our clients prepare better.

I have built a team, all of whom are passionate about top quality training. Nobody in STAC is ‘just admin’ all have a thorough knowledge of the certification systems involved and a long history of involvement in different sectors, industry, Civil Defence, Order of Malta Ireland, fire Service, Sports injury and Army Medical Corp.

Thank you for taking the time to consider learning the skills, which can quite literally save somebodies life. Emergency response does not need to be something special that only a few people know, it should be simple and every day for everyone.