ICE, should we cool that bump?

Cold Icepack



Question of the Week.

A question we get asked often in training courses is, ‘Is it safe to use Ice-Packs and which type of Ice-Pack should I use.

Two types of Ice-packs.

The gel-type ice packs are reusable. You can keep them in your freezer, and they're nice and ready. Also can be used loads & loads of times. And if you wish to, can be used for hot therapy as well.

Instant Ice-pack is super-duper when you're away from your home, away from your freezer, very simple and effective. It's two chemicals inside the pack, a granular, and liquid. Find the liquid pouch, bust it, give it a good shake to it mix up. And it's getting cold. These allow cooling for about 10 to 12 minutes.

So when can we use ice-packs?

Very simply. If we have swollen tissues resulting from injury, we can ice them.

Some of the common myths regarding ice packs.

Should I use an ice pack on a head Injury?

Yes, you can use an ice pack on a head injury. The main thing is we don't apply pressure. The common to the head, with minor swelling. You can apply an ice pack for up to about 20 minutes. Once the patient is comfortable. No great pressure. So if there is any further injury in there, you're not making it worse.

Can I apply an ice pack directly to the skin?

 It depends on the ice pack. Some of the chemical ice packs can get quite cold.  Read the pack,  some are skin safe, some are not skin safe. Do not use directly in contact with skin because it gets so cold it may lead to some minor frost type injuries. So therefore this pack will be wrapped in a towel or a piece of cloth.

Okay, that's it. Easy Peasy

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